Spanning the Strait: Studies in Unity in the Western Mediterranean
A Special Offprint of Medieval Encounters

Spanning the Strait brings together a multidisciplinary collection of essays that examines the deep connections that bound together the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghrib in the medieval and early modern periods. Six articles on topics ranging from the eighth-century slave trade to sixteenth-century apocalypticism trace and analyze movement, mutual influence and patterns shared in the face of political, religious, and cultural difference.
By transcending traditional disciplinary and temporal divisions, this collection of essays highlights the long history of contact and exchange that united the two sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. A comprehensive introduction by the editors contextualizes the articles within the last half-century of scholarship and salient contemporary trends.

Yuen-Gen Liang, Abigail Krasner Balbale, Andrew Devereux and Camilo Gomez-Rivas: Unity and Disunity across the Strait of Gibraltar

Adam Gaiser: Slaves and Silver across the Strait of Gibraltar: Politics and Trade between Umayyad Iberia and Khārijite North Africa

Linda G. Jones: The Preaching of the Almohads: Loyalty and Resistance across the Strait of Gibraltar

Hussein Fancy: The Last Almohads: Universal Sovereignty between North Africa and the Crown of Aragon

S.J. Pearce: "The Types of Wisdom Are Two in Number": Judah ibn Tibbon’s Quotation from the Iḥyā’ ‘ulūm al-Dīn

David Coleman: Of Corsairs, Converts and Renegades: Forms and Functions of Coastal Raiding on Both Sides of the Far Western Mediterranean, 1490-1540

Marya T. Green-Mercado: The Mahdī in Valencia: Messianism, Apocalypticism and Morisco Rebellions in Late Sixteenth-Century Spain