Facets of Exchange between North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula
A Special Issue of The Journal of North African Studies

“It is hoped that these articles will provide a starting point for further discussion and research on connections between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa and even Europe and the eastern Mediterranean. By allowing ourselves to think beyond familiar categories and boundaries such as nationalities and continents, perhaps we can recover something of the common humanity that drives us to seek each other out, and that provides the foundation of our humanistic disciplines." From the editors' introduction.

Introduction by Miriam Ali-de-Unzaga and Adam Gaiser

Carl Davila: East Winds and Full Moons: Ramal al-Māya and the Peregrinations of Love-Poetry Images

Eric Calderwood: The Invention of al-Andalus: Discovering the Past and Creating the Present in Granada’s Islamic Tourism Sites

Sumaiya Hamdani: Worlds apart?: an Andalusi in Fāṭimid Egypt

Alicia Carrillo: Architectural Exchanges between North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula: Muqarnas in al-Andalus

Glaire D. Anderson: Integrating the Medieval Iberian Peninsula and North Africa in Islamic Architectural History

Jorge Correia, Maria Augusta Lima Cruz, André Teixeira: Building and Performing: Early 16th Century Portuguese Presence in Azammūr

Laia Soto Bermant: Consuming Europe: the Moral Significance of Exchange and Emigration at the Spanish-Moroccan Border of Melilla