Inaugural SNAP Bulletin, Summer 2019

Welcome to the Inaugural SNAP Bulletin!

We are excited to kick off this endeavor with several great entries that, from a broad perspective, treat the complex entanglements of the relationship between Spain and North Africa. This issue focuses on the shift from the early modern to the modern and its consequences for both Moroccan and Spanish actors in the western Mediterranean. From an eighteenth century ambassadorial mission to the twentieth century establishment of Tetouan’s Centro de Arte Moderno, Eric Calderwood’s description of the two as ‘strange bedfellows’ is ever present in the background. A special thanks goes out to Tina Barouti, Liz Matsushita, Eric Calderwood, and Linda Gale-Jones as our first contributors. Please browse through the sections below, enjoy, and let us know if you have comments or ideas for further contributions.