AHA Panel Series

Yuen-Gen Liang organized a series of two panels under the theme of “711-2011: Commemorating the 1300th Anniversary of Islam in the Iberian World” at the 2011 American Historical Association’s annual meeting in Boston. SNAP members Thomas Devaney, Claire Gilbert, Camilo Gómez-Rivas, Maya Soifer Irish, Jocelyn Hendrickson, and Jarbel Rodríguez, presented papers.

711-2011: Commemorating the 1300th Anniversary of Islam in the Iberian World

Panel 1: Encounters and Transmissions between Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Iberia

Camilo Gómez-Rivas (The American University in Cairo), “On the Obligation to Ransom and Provide Refuge in the Medieval Islamic West”
Jarbel Rodríguez (San Francisco State University), “Conversion in the Crown of Aragon”
Maya Soifer Irish (Rice University), “Jews, Muslims, and Royal Power in Medieval Christian Spain”
Thomas Devaney (Brown University), “Promoting Holy War in Composite Societies: The Cases of Jaén and Cyprus”

Panel 2: Dislocations between Muslims and Christians in the Iberian World

Katie Harris (University of California, Davis), “Trends and Tendencies in Recent Scholarship on Spanish Muslims and Moriscos in the Sixteenth Century”
Claire Gilbert (University of California, Los Angeles), “Bridging Borders: Bilingualism and Diplomacy across the Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean”
Karoline Cook (University of Southern California), “Memories of ‘Reconquista’: Disputes over Religiosity and Lineage in Colonial Spanish America”
Jocelyn Hendrickson (Whitman College), “Muslim Legal Responses to Christian Occupation in Fifteenth and Sixteenth-Century North Africa”