Spring Letter

Dear SNAP colleagues,


Happy late spring/early summer (or otherwise, depending on where you are). SNAP’s executive board has met several times during the last six months to discuss future directions and projects. We’ll be rolling out a few ideas in future weeks and months, but we wanted to write you now with news of upcoming events and changes so you can check your calendars.


We’re thrilled to inform you that SNAP will hold a symposium with the title, “Art and Ideology in the Twelfth-Century Western Mediterranean” on October 14, 2016 at Bard Graduate Center in New York. A call-for-papers as well as further information on the symposium is forthcoming in the next few weeks.


Our second piece of news is that SNAP is building a new website. The new site is at the following url: http://www.spainnorthafricaproject.org/. The platform we used to build the former site is no longer being developed, so we’ve changed the design. We have built the new site minimally and will be adding material and functions gradually. The older site will be replaced with a new SNAP project, about which we’ll tell you more in future months. The new site is actively being worked on. If you have any questions or changes you want made (e.g., to your info on the roster) contact me at: cgomezri@ucsc.edu


And, lastly, we also wanted to alert you to a second SNAP event (which is still tentative, pending funding, centered around sensory perception in Iberia and the Maghrib with a particular focus on the study of musical practices and culinary culture), planned for the spring, April 7-8 2017, at UCSC and to be held in conjunction with a meeting of the Maghrib Workshop (a UCHRI multi-campus working group). More on that later.


We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.


Best wishes,